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Abs, Vsc Trac, Vsc Off And Brake Light All On


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I need some advise. I was just driving my car and the first thing that happened was a sound coming from behind my dash, from a gold colored canister next to the brake fluid. I think it is some kind of pump. Then after a little while, the abs, vsc trac, vsc off and brake lights all came on with an alarm sound also. I called my Lexus dealer and they said that I could not bring the car in until tomorrow. The problem is that I have a few errands to run in the morning and the lexus dealer is about an hour away. They told me that if the brakes are working, which they are,it was ok to drive. Does anyone know what is causing this and if it is indeed ok to drive. Thanks

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I had the exact thing happen in my '08 Land Cruiser. It turned out to be a malfunctioning ABS control module. My 25+ year Toyota certified mechanic told me that this malfunction simply rendered my brakes without ABS functionality, and lack of skid control functionality--that otherwise my brakes would function fine as normal brakes, just no ABS. For me, the part was going to cost around $1100 plus labor to install the new module :blink: I eventually sold my truck, without replacing the module, it didn't cause me any issues in driving it for around a year. If it was my recently purchased LX 570 I would get it replaced right away.--Good luck tracking down if this is your issue--hopefully it's a cheaper to remedy issue for you!

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