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!994 Lexus Ls 400


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Hi, its me again. I jumped the Te & Te1 and got the codes.#13, #31, #24 & #41. Do any of you know about these codes I have pulled off my car? Is their a website with instructions on replacing the MAF?

Thank you

Havoc 123

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These are OBD codes for pre 97 cars

1 Normal Condition.

2 Air Flow Meter signal.

3 Ignition signal.

4 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.

5 Oxygen Sensor.

6 RPM signal (Crank Angle Pulse).

7 Throttle Position Sensor signal.

8 Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

9 Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.

10 Starter signal.

11 Switch signal.


12 Knock Control Sensor signal.

12 RPM signal.

13 Knock Control CPU (ECM).

13 RPM signal.

14 Turbocharger Pressure.

14 Ignition signal.

21 Oxygen Sensor.

22 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal.

23 Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

24 Intake Air Temperature Sensor signal.

25 Air-Fuel Ratio Lean.

26 Air-Fuel Ratio Rich.

27 Sub Oxygen Sensor signal.

28 No. 2 Oxygen Sensor signal.

31 Air Flow Meter signal (Vacuum Sensor signal).

32 Air Flow Meter signal.

34 Turbocharger Pressure signal.

35 Turbocharger Pressure Sensor signal.

35 HAC Sensor signal.

41 Throttle Position Sensor signal.

42 Vehicle Speed Sensor signal.

43 Starter signal.

51 Switch signal.

52 Knock Sensor signal.

53 Knock Sensor signal.

54 Inter-cooler ECM signal.

71 EGR System.

72 Fuel Cut Solenoid signal.

78 Fuel Pump Control signal.

81 TCM Communication.

83 TCM Communication.

84 TCM Communication.

85 TCM Communication.

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