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  1. Their was no part number given when I fallowed the link you provided me with. Does anyone know the answer to my question's? I have a 97 Ls400. Second gen Ls400, engine is 1 UZ-FE/UCF20 automatic. I am trying to save money and order the parts on line. I want the thermostat that is the correct replacement for my car. Some of the ones Ive looked at while trying to figure out which one to order look slightly different. I am assuming I want the thermostat that is the exact replacement for the one I will be removing. Has anyone ever changed their thermostat in a 1997 Lexus Ls400 and replaced it with a OEM part? If so could ya share that part # please? Id like to get this stuff ordered and on its way. Also want to be sure I am ordering the right part I need. Thanks
  2. Thanks for responding. The ECT sensor part # I am asking for, is the ( Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor ). My car is giving me code P0125. After observing worse gas mileage then I can ever remember having with my 94 Ls400 , and the fact that my car takes way to long to warm up after sitting for 8 hrs, idles high upon start up, doesn't want to shift smoothly... I have diagnosed the problem either being the thermostat is stuck open or the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor is not working properly. Since neither part cost to much and I can do the labor myself, I have decided to replace both. And will do a coolant flush at the same time. The ECT sensor is the one under the tension cord cover and behind the ignition coil, the connector is green. I will click on the link you provided for the information on the oem thermostat part #. And if anyone else or if you know the # for the ECT sensor, Ide sure appreciate knowing. Thank you
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have a part # for OEM Thermostat, and OEM ECT sensor for my 97 Ls400? I am also questioning if some brands are better then others. When I look at the pictures of the thermostats available for my year and model I notice they don't all look the same, and does that matter? It seems to me I would want to order a thermostat that is identical to the one that came in the car when the car was brand new, same with the ECT sensor? I would be grateful for any info you would share with me. Thank you This is my 97 Coach Edition
  4. Hey thanks for all the replies to my last post. I have a new question: could anyone steer me towards where I could aquire a rear passenger door with glass included ready to instal for a 94 LS 400. And an aprox price on that also. Thank you
  5. Hi, I was looking to purchase a 1993 Lexus LS 400. But wanted to do some research on the vehicle before making the long drive from where I live to look at it. Does anyone know of a FOR REAL actually free Vin car report site. Ive gone to several sites that claim to be free, but want $29.99 and a credit card #. Hey thats not free. Can anyone help. Thank u
  6. Hi, its me again. I jumped the Te & Te1 and got the codes.#13, #31, #24 & #41. Do any of you know about these codes I have pulled off my car? Is their a website with instructions on replacing the MAF? Thank you Havoc 123
  7. Okay, I had the codes read and got #31, #41,#13 and #24. Did it by jumping the Te & Te1 underneath the stearing wheel. Can any of you guys give me some advice on diagnoseing my car? And thank you for responding to my last post. The coils seem okay, unplugged each one to see if car ran different, no real difference noticed. Please help. Thank you Havoc123
  8. Okay I am about at my wits end trying to get my car running like it used to. I unfortunatly cannot afford to take it to the lexus dealer. I did take it to a certified mechanic and he diagnosed blown head gasket and possibly burnt valves. My car doesnt have either of those problems. So I have for the last 2+ years been trying to get friends that I know who are mechanics, who I have seen work on and fix cars regularly, to look at my car and listen to me about what I know and the circumstances surrounding my car not running properly. I have listened to so many theories and guesses on what might cause my car to be running the way it does, my head is spinning. 1.Rough idle 2.loss of power, but gradually gets up to speed. 3.Dash lights come on for a quick second when starting the car, but then flash off. Normally they will eventually come on after driving for awhile, then they usually stay on after that. Until you turn car off and go to restart the car. the process then starts all over. 4.The exhaust smells bad, like carrosene. 5.#26 trouble code 6.From a stop the car will not make it up a steep grade, no power. But ones going will do okay on hills. 7.The drivers side pipe underneath the car was red hot one night when we were running it for a mechanic friend. He said it was the cat converter. But when we put the car on a hoist and lifted it into the air and removed the bolts and checked the cats they were fine. I didnt think it was the cats cuz Ive read they dont mess up in these cars. 8.I have assisted with changing the spark plugs,wires,checking compression,fuel pressure check,changing fuel filter. One thing I noticed is that a few of the spark plugs on the passenger side of the car were clean like brand new, all the other spark plugs were powderd black ontop and looked used. The spark plugs have been changed atleast 4 times. Thats where everyone starts. Im always sure to check and make sure I buy the proper plugs, wires, battery etc. 9.The 120 amp fuse was blown, and replaced. No noticeable change in the way the car ran. What would blow a fuse that big? 10.The gas miliage is not good. Eats gas up, costs alot to drive the car. I try not to drive it at all. 11.I have taken the battery out completely to reset codes etc. still no changes. I will get the codes again this week and see what I get and post them. Can the computor be reset? And if I were to change the computor in the car as a last resort, can a used computor be used to save money ofcourse. And could anyone explaine where I could get a good used computor, and the process of installing it? I have spent so much energy and time on my car because I dont want to drive anything else. I refuse to believe my car cant be fixed. I think its going to be something simple. I cant afford the repair manuals for the car. Can the gas go bad causing the icky smell of carrosene, or is that probably due to #26 code air fuel rich malfunction? I have shed many a tear over the last 2 years about my car. I just dont understand why and what is so difficult in figuring out what is wrong with it. If any of you can shed some light on my problems with my car ide sure be grateful. Thank you guys, Havoc123 :cries: :cries:
  9. Hey, does anyone know where the ground wire is on the drivers side bank of injectors? Also has anyone dealt with the trouble code #26? My 94 LS 400 has been down for 2+ years. I have been dealing with rough idle and loss of power, so much that I cant get up the driveway where I live anymore. I have had quite a few people look at the car. My car always ran great and it wasnt until I had an amplifier installed that caused my battery to go dead leaving me needing a jump start every time I had to drive it. The amplifier has been removed and I bought a new battery. I dont jump start my car anymore. The car runs now but only fires on one bank of cylinders. If anyone can help Ide appreciate it. Thank you Havoc 123
  10. :cries: Does anyone have the repair volumes for a 1994 LS400? If so would you be willing to sale them? How much would you charge me for the manuals? I have been driving a 1986 ford escort wagon for 6 months now, I miss my car and need the manuals so that I may repair my Lexus. Or does anyone know where I could get them free, or download the manuals.I have tryed my local library and several used book stores Money is real tight right now so I am needing some help on this one. Thanks Havoc123, email blackdymond66@gmail.com
  11. Hi I am new here so bare with please. My 1994 LS 400 is running horrible. It idles rough, loss of power,I have changed the spark plugs, checked the plug wires with an OHM meter, checked compression, checked fuel filter and fuel pump, checked disributors, checked the timing marks w the marks on the belt, everything is good. My car still runs bad. The engine codes that come up are #13 & #31. Ive looked up the codes and know what each number stands for, but how do I diagnose and get to the root of why my car doesnt run properly. I am waiting for a replacement mass air flow sensor to get here. Would that cause the car to run so poorly? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you