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96 Ls400 Temp Gauge Gone Wild Please Help


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Hey everyone :)

A couple of days ago i purchased a 96 ls400 and the temp gauge would not move. From what i was told by the previous owner is that the speedometer on the this year ls400 would get stuck sometimes and to get it back moving he would tap the top of the dash board. Well gauge got stuck, he tapped the dashboard to get it going and the Temp gaude decided to quit on him....

When i get in the car i tap and a couple of times it would stay up and work for a couple of minutes but for the most part it just sits all the way down. Has anyone had this problem? Can someone help me? I really do not think the gauge is bad but i mite be wrong....

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Hello I looked at your post a few days ago and couldn't think of anything to suggest but having considered further it could be the constant tapping of the cluster that has created the problem you now have.The gauges are sensitive and mechanical shock can damage them or the electronic connections to them.

It may be the cheapest option to find a good used replacement cluster as repairs can be costly if available at all.

Oh and welcome to the LOC :D

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