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Engine Light On


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97 ls400 with 204000 miles engine light on and I had my mechanic checked it out and replaced both cam shaft position sensors but the engine light came back on again with same code the next day. Any suggestions before spending more money? Thanks

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If your mechanic has diagnosed the problem,charged you to fix it and it has not fixed it,take it back to him and ask him to fix it properly this time without further charge.

Diagnostic codes are there to help fault finding they are not definative,why people jump in and replace parts without making further checks I dont know,the cam sensors are just one part in the circuit,what about the connectors and the wiring to the ECU inbetween,are the signals from the sensors getting to where they should be,has this been checked?

I think your mechanic needs to learn there's a big difference between reading a fault code then replacing expensive components (are the new sensors genuine OEM?) to actually diagnosing the real cause which could be something as simple as a broken wire.

I am of cause assuming the old codes were cleared after the repair and the EML has illuminated again with the same code?

BTW Welcome to the LOC :D

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Thank you, yes the old code was cleared. The engine also has a clicking noise like tic tic tic but I will take it back to the shop that replaced the cam shaft sensors.

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