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  1. engine light on code P0340 ( camshaft position sensor bank1), loss of power, rough idle, when driving slow the car is fine, but you wanna go a little faster it hesitates and jerks. my mechanic replaced both camshaft sensors and engine cooling temp sensor and i have done the seafoam treatment, but no improvements, engine light still on same code.
  2. 97 ls400 204500 miles, engine light is on code P0340 (cam shaft position sensor bank 1), rough idle at start, loss of power if press more on gas the car jerks. i have replaced both cam shaft position sensors and engine coolant temp sensor but no improvement. any ideas what could be the problem?
  3. Thank you, yes the old code was cleared. The engine also has a clicking noise like tic tic tic but I will take it back to the shop that replaced the cam shaft sensors.
  4. 97 ls400 with 204000 miles engine light on and I had my mechanic checked it out and replaced both cam shaft position sensors but the engine light came back on again with same code the next day. Any suggestions before spending more money? Thanks