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94 Es300 Have Codes P0300,p0301 Multiple Codes


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I have a 94 ES300 car starts up fine , start to take off and she hesitates like it is starving for gas . Then when you full throttle it picks up and flys.I put in new co2s front bank and 2nd bank , also new spark plugs , this was 1000 miles back . The car had been running great until now , no problems.Pulled codes today - P0300 , P0301 , P0303 , P0305 says multiple misfires ( all on bank 1 )? This is a 3.0 v6. Could you please HELP ?

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If it's mis firing on bank one, you have to look there. The wiring is a possibility, as it's flimsy going into the ingitors above each plug. Fuel injectors may also be bad or dirty. While your in there might as well pull the plugs and examine them for signs of bad valves or rings. Lastly do a compression check. All this checking will require taking off the intake side, down to the intake manifold (about 4-5 hours if you've never done it.)

You could try adding techron to the gas for a few tanks, based on theory that it's the injectors.


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