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Iphone And Bluetooth In My Gx 470


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I have an iPhone 4 and when I place a call using my handsfree device in my 2009 GX470, my voice is always garbled and I sound like I am in a tunnel. My dealer says there is nothing they can do about it, but I fail to believe that the most widely sold smartphone on the planet is not compatible with the Lexus sound system. I also cannot sync my phonebook with my car. That all seems ridiculous. Is anyone else experiencing these issues, and is there a workaround the folks at the dealership don't know about?

Thank you!

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I picked up an iPhone 4 from Verizon last Saturday, and am using it with my 2011 ES-350 with Nav.

Pairing took 30 seconds

Transferring the phone book took another 30 seconds

Voice quality is perfect...

Bluetooth Audio is poor so far. It plays 2-3 songs, then starts alternating between music and silence every 6 seconds or so..

I've had Bluetooth audio problems in this car with 4 phones so far, so I don't think it's the phone...

Also, with the iPhone, I do not have access to Speed Dial when the car is moving, and when using Bluetooth Audio, the track and folder selections are not visible on the screen...

My 5 year old razor and 3 yr old Blackberry provided a higher level of compatibility, so I'm not too happy... yet.....


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