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Weird Noise On Cold Start Up


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Hi everyone

I own a Toyota Kluger, with the same engine and set-up as the Lexus RX330. The engine only has 36,000kms and drives really well. However there is a strange noise on start up in cold weather (eg starting after a cold night) that hangs around for the first 5 minutes or so.

I posted a similar thing in the Toyota forums, see below. Does anyone else have this same thing on their RX330?

Original post:

Hi All

I've had two gen 1 highlanders.

Both have experienced a weird sound in cold weather start up until the engine is warm.

Its a really hard noise to explain... it sounds like a low grumbling when you take off from standstill and last about 3 seconds. It sounds like it could be a loose heat shield... It usually goes away after 5 min of driving.

anyway, my old kluger (highlander) had both cat converters checked as I thought it might have been the honeycomb loose which was rattling at low revs, however when they sliced it the honeycomb was fine. Then i thought it might be the exhaust muffler, but its only when its cold.

does anyone else have this issue (if it is even an issue at all)?

I haven't read anything about it before...



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