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Fm Transmitter

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For anyone looking for an inexpensive FM transmitter that's a direct connect to their Iphone4 or Ipod, I just picked up a Grantwood Technology FM transmitter/charger. It has the Apple connector for Iphones and charges my phone even if the transmitter isn't on. The FM transmitter itself is only good, as good as some more expensive units I've heard but not as good as the Monster cable cassette adaptor I normally use. Doesn't induce as much static when picking up the phone as others I've tried, bass response is good but there is some hiss up high, barely noticeable at volume but inbetween songs the hiss gets louder, I think it's the Nakamichi radio thinking the signal is fading and amping up the gain to boost the signal, making more hiss. Best part, it's $23 on Amazon, cheaper than any other I found. I really just needed a phone charger and for the price I was gonna pay just as much as this, so the FM xmitter is almost a freebie.

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