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What Tyres Do You Recommend

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hi, i have a 1997 es 300,one owner ,until i bought it, 150,000 kilometers,100,000 miles,i had a set of tyres put on it when i first bought it, i dont think they are very good tyres but thats what car dealers do,what tyres have you put on your lexus and what do you recommend,i am thinking pirelli or Michelin,what i am after is a really quiet tyre that also rides smooth,mileage is not a great concern but i am after the two preferences i mentioned,i have found the tyres i have at the moment have worn uneven and are making noises now,

i had the tyres rotated a few days ago and that really helped with the noise ,my local mechanic said they are crap tyres and they tend to wear uneven because of their design.they are warrior tyres,dont know if anyone has heard of them but they are supposed to be made by michelin, though obviously not one of their premium tyres.


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These are some of the top runners for quietness in a tire:

1. Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position

2. Yokohama AVS dB

3. Dunlop SP9000

4. Toyo T1-S

A lot of the ride quality also depends on the tire profile... shorter side wall, larger diameter tires will inevitably ride more rough and loud.

Hope this helps.

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I agree, the Bridgestone Pole Positions are sick. A super quiet tire; the best I've ever bought. 2 summer seasons with them and absolutely no wear. And I drive like a bat-out-of-Hades. Good in the rain, excellent grip in the...dry.

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