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Which Lights To Replace On 2002 Gs430

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Hi everyone,

probably a very quick question. My "brake light failing" light came on the dash a couple of days ago on my 2002 GS430. And, sure enough, the passenger side light does not come on when I brake. However, that light does come on when the lights are on, just not the extra bright brake setting when the brake is depressed. So, my question is: what part do I replace?



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Take a close look at the bulb. Does it have one filament or two?

Most tail lights utilize a bulb with 2 filaments, one illuminating during normal nighttime driving, with the other filament illuminating to add brightness during braking. However some tail lights just have one bulb with one filament, with the cars computer controlling how much voltage goes to the single filament controlling how bright it is.

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It's a two filament bulb. Thanks for answering - I'm assuming that I just need to get a new bulb. I'll let you know if that doesn't fix the problem.

Ah yes that's the issue. During normal nighttime driving one of the filaments is illuminated, and when you hit the brakes, the other filament illuminates to increase brightness in the housing. My guess is that the second filament is burned out, so replacing the bulb should work! <_<

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