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Help: Problems At Low Mileage


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Hi, we are buying a used car and we need your help! :cries:

This is 2008 Lexus ES 350 and the mileage is below 12000. We liked the car because it has low mileage and price is decent. The car was serviced and being sold at the same dealership. A few months of warranty left but we do not have a budget to make it certified for longer warranty.

According to carfax history, the front brake pads were replaced at 3600 miles and there was emission inspection failure at 7700 miles which resulted in engine oil cooler lines replacement and body computer/module reprogram.

We asked the dealership regarding this carfax history and this was their answer: According to their service manager, in terms of front brake issue, it was actually rotor defect making noise, not the brake itself. As a courtesy,they were replaced but not really an issue. In terms of emission inspection failure, it was not actually emission problem but the battery caused it like it was emission issue so the battery was replaced. There was a note from dealer that the car should have been driven more, before inspection.

Have you guys had any experience with Lexus at this low mileage? Do you guys think these problems are not big deals? Any advice or suggestion would be very appreciated!

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Thanks for taking care of another post!

Yes, we may plan to purchase extended warranty in the future. However, we would like to make sure that this car is all right, since we did not purchase it yet. Thanks again for your advice, tho!

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