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2000 Lexus Es300 Instrument Backlight Bulbs?


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I recently purchased a 2000 Lexus ES300. During my first night drives I noticed that some of the Stereo System and Climate Control backlights have burned out. From doing some research on this and other sites I have read that the little bulbs can be replaced by disassembling the systems, removing the burnt bulbs, and replacing them with the new one's whoch have to be soldered in.

I also noticed that the small left cluster for outside mirror adjustment, instrument brightness, and trunk/gas has no light. I popped out and disconnected the wiring harnesses to find that apparently that only the mirror has a backlight - a small bulb attached to a red base that reads TSD 15 V-2.

Can anyone confirm that that is the only lightbulb in that cluster? Do the brightness and trunk/gas buttons even have backlights? IT would be great to know before I further breakdown the parts and possibly damage some of the plastic snaps since this is a pretty tedious process.

Does anyone have a good source for this mirror backlight bulb and/or the Stereo/Climate Control bulbs? Can anyone provide a lighting diagram with all bulbs for the ES300? I have checked in the Repair Manual but could not find the information I need.

Would greatly appreciate any help!

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UPDATE: I replaced the climate control and the mirror adjustment switch backlight bulb with part #'s 90010-03001 (climate) and 84999-10470 (mirror). Ordered from, carries them as well and are a little cheaper on shipping.

The mirror bulb is indeed the only lightbulb in that three button cluster, gas tank and trunk do not have backlights.

A bit strange me answering my own questions.

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