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  1. I own a 2004 Lexus ES330. When I cold-start the car it will immediately rev up to around 2000 rpm before settling around 1400 briefly and then going to under 1000.Is this normal? I checked the throttle body valve and noticed that when the car is stopped the valve does not fully close. I have seen some discussions on other sites where some argue that a fuel injected engine throttle body valve should or should not be fully closed.Here my questions:1. Should the throttle body valve be fully closed or not?2. If yes, can it be adjusted via the main on board computerized settings?3. Should my car rev that high on a cold start? I also noticed that the car experiences a pretty high acceleration when not even stepping on the gas, I feel like when breaking I am really having to hold the car back from taking off on its own.
  2. I did this for my 2000 Lexus ES300. I now have a 2004 Lexus ES330 - is it the same here as well?
  3. ISSUE SOLVED: The rattling came from the intake plenum. There are three hex bolts in the back, the one on the passenger side was missing, causing the plenum to vibrate against the metal bracket at certain speeds. Thank you for all the advice, much appreciated!
  4. Thanks. I read that the on board monitor seems to store data over given periods and then will calculate the gas mileage average. I do not drive much on the highway, so I assume that when I fill-up it takes my "poor" gas mileage on non-highway roads into consideration. The maintenance I did was needed, the plugs were already pretty burned down and replacing a PVC valve never hurts and is easy to.
  5. I own a 2004 Lexus ES330, ca. 120,200 miles now. I purchased the car about 3 years ago, after filling up I used to get a distance of about 280-290 miles on the dashboard display. For the last year it has declined, it now shows about 230-240 miles. Why ist that? How accurate is the electronic display calculation?As part of regular maintenance I have now done the following (all DIY):- New spark plugs- New PCV valve- Cleaned throttle body- New air filter - Cleaned MAF sensorAny other recommendations to improve the gas mileage?
  6. Hi, It is not driving me crazy but it indeed is annoying. I actually captured the sound, here the link: You will see that at the end I stepped back on the gas and the noise immediately disappeared.
  7. Hi, done, unfortunately no success. Taking the console plate, AC/Climate Control, and the radio out was no problem, maybe 2 minutes. Can't however isolate the noise. I also removed the glove compartment and cabin filter. One problem is that the warmer the engine gets the sounds starts to faint away. Thank nonetheless for your advice!
  8. Hi, thank you for your advice. Mine actually does not have the navigation system, so curious to find out what the technicians have not been able to.
  9. Hello, I own a 2004 Lexus ES330, mileage is about 120K. For over a year I have had a vibration noise come from behind the dashboard. The sound is like a light rattle. I have been to 2 Lexus mechanics who could not identify the problem. Both stated that the source was around behind the center dash near the firewall. Here the facts I know about the noise: - Loudest when in Park when I start the car - The sound goes away once the car passes ca. 900-1000 rpm. - When in Drive at e.g. a light or fully stopped the noise is there once I pass 900 rpm, then it is gone - When not moving and hearing the sound it will also go away once I turn the steering wheel in either direction, will then come again when I stop the steering motion - Noise usually goes away after a while BUT when stopped on a hill driving slowly upwards the noise it very noticeable (maybe when kept exactly at the 900 rpm point) Any thoughts on this?
  10. UPDATE: One more thing I discovered today: In Park, foot slightly on the break and the noise at its loudest and I move the steering wheel slightly from side to side the noise disappears. As soon as I stop the motion the sound comes back.
  11. Yes. I actually feel the vibration in the gas pedal, hence my guess that it has to do with acceleration above a certain rpm value (ca. 1000 rpm's).
  12. Here the sound when cold-starting the car: IMG_0150.MOV
  13. Hello VBdenny, are you sure it is the servo? I have listened to some video clips on youtube and the sound seems to be different and also related to the AC/heating system. I have a feeling this is more related to either breaking/accelerating. It is annoying, the technician also stated that more than likely there is no negative impact to be expected.
  14. I own a 2004 Lexus ES330 with about 105k miles. The car has given me no issues until about six months ago. I started hearing a vibrating noise from behind the dashboard under the following conditions: - When the temperature is colder/engine is cold - When my foot is on the break. When I release very slowly and hold the noise is loudest. - When I have the foot on the break and the car is in reverse. The sound is there when cold staring and low rpm's - The loud sound behind the dashboard goes away after about 10 minutes driving. However, when I am at a full stop, foot on break, then press the gas pedal the same sound (almost feels like it is coming from the gas pedal) will be there and quickly go away as soon as I hit higher rpm's. So the vibration is there just when I accelerate The noise sounds like a e.g. business card somewhere stuck in the AC unit and vibrates when air comes through. I have removed the AC control, radio, and upper exhaust vent units but could not find the origin of the sound. I also can't really hear the sound when I open the hood, It is most audible when sitting inside the car. Location sounds like dead center behind the center dash, could be wrong though. I have also had a certifies Toyota/Lexus shop try to isolate the noise, they could not find it and said they would have to remove the dash to do so. I have seen a number of servo motor posts and videos and my noise does not sound like a "hyper-active" fan. I read that sometimes noises (not sure what kind) can be caused by warped front disks (which mine are a bit, when breaking I feel the car vibrating a bit). In addition, I have some noise coming from the steering wheel at times (different sound, more like an occasional rattle). I think the noise is either connected either to my breaking, accelerating, or really something stuck in the ventilation system BUT can't just find anything. Any ideas?
  15. I own a 2000 ES300, ca. 133k miles. The front sway bar bushings have gone bad - there is a strong creaking sound when you push down the front, first thought it was the struts, an independent Lexus Shop stated it was the sway bar bushings today. Moog makes 2 sets for the front - K90393 titled 18 mm and K90394 19 mm. All parts websites state these as fitting my vehicle. Question - What does the 18/19 mm refer to - the sway bar diameter? How would I go about finding out which size fits my car? 1 mm is not a lot in general but in the bushing world a lot. Would appreciate any advice/comments - thanks!
  16. Thanks for the suggestions. Will check tomorrow and post.
  17. I own a 2000 Lexus ES300, roughly 130K miles. Over the past year I have noticed a very small decrease in my anti-freeze coolant (bought the car in 2011, had the timing belt changed in March 2011). I had parked the car facing up a hill, down a hill, checked under the hood with a flashlight, no drips or puddles, nothing. Occassionaly I will have a very faint smell of anti-freeze coming in through the heater if it is running. About 1 week ago the overflow reservoir was empty, filled it back up, no noticeable decrease since. 2 days ago I noticed some fluids facing the car under the hood near the timing belt, tiny amount, most of it was on the under carriage plate that stretches across the car. Does anyone know where the actual leak could be and what it is? Should I be really concerned? I want to repair it ASAP since in my experience small fluid amounts like this can into larger problems in no time. Any comments/suggestions/advice are greatly appreciated!!!
  18. Thanks. I think having 32 sounds pretty good. Will try.
  19. I own a 2000 Lexus ES300. Since purchasing the car in February I have followed the tire pressure indicated on the manufacturer's label - 26 psi front, 32 psi rear. I have the feeling (at least optically, have had comments from others on the pressure as well) that 26 looks a bit low. Any recommendations/suggestions? has anyone had a similar experience? BTW - my tires are Firestone Firehawk GT P205/65R15.
  20. I do have an AUTO setting on the headlights. Will try this WE. Thanks.
  21. I own a 2000 Lexus ES300. One thing I noticed that my vehicle (compared to my previous two cars, VW's) will not give a warning signal or sound when the headlights are left on by accident when leaving the car. Somewhat annoying, especially when you park in well lit areas at night. Does anyone else have the same problem? Should there be a warning light or sound? Thanks!
  22. MY SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM: OK, here is what worked for me: I swapped the 3 front ignition coils with the back one's. I noticed that the center coil in the back (#3) was an aftermarket coil which I then placed in the center front (#4). Drove the car, the check engine and trac off lights came on again after 2 minutes. I went to a Lexus shop, they read out the codes ($60 - I think worth it since it could have been the camshaft sensor or something more serious upstream of the cylinders), this time I had error codes P1300-P1325 plus P0304. That is the new position of the aftermarket coil. I ordered a DENSO Aftermarket coil on EBay, the shipped me their own house brand, which I will return since it cost $47 (if I wanted aftermarket I could have gotten those for $20/piece.) I found a seller on EBay who sells the OEM DENSO coils for for $50, ordered one of those, will send the other one back. Have been driving 4 days now, no check engine light/trac off lights.
  23. My transmission does not have a VSS, as mentioned the opening has been what looks like factory sealed off. My assumption is the 2 black speed sensors and the 4 wheel sensors are transmitting the vehicle speed to the speedometer. Or it is in a location I have yet to find.
  24. MYSTERY SOLVED (a least for my case): I had the GPS tracker removed, no impact. Needle would still not move at any speed above 62. I took the instrument cluster back out, took it apart, manually moved the speedometer needle, it stuck at around 70 and would not return to zero. Apparently the last time I took the instrument cluster apart I tightened the case screws too much since the needle moved freely depending on pressure of the spedometer back plate. Re-assembled instrument cluster, everything seems to work fine now, will probably do another speed test.
  25. I own a 2000 Lexus es300. I have been having some issues with my speedometer not reading the correct speed above 60 mph and jerking back to the correct speed around 40 mph. I checked out the transmission for the VSS, had a Lexus Shop check as well. It appears that the location where the VSS should be has been capped off and bolted. I know that my model comes with 2 different transmission (found that out when I changed my transmission filter and gasket, there are 2 versions available for each type of transmission). Also was told by a Lexus Shop a while ago that one transmission was better than the other. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery? Should there be a VSS on every 2000 Lexus ES300 or is this simply a case of 2 separate transmissions? Which transmission is the better one? How is the correct speed transferred to the Speedometer then?
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