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Mike Floutier

Check Vsc - Vsc Off Light Won't Go Away

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I recently had a "mis-firing" problem that was caused by a corroded igniter coil connector which I have solved - ie. no "mis-firing" and code P1305 no longer being registered.

When I started getting the P1305 code, this was immediately accompanied by the Red Warning Triangle, the Check VSC message and the VSC Off light. I heard that this was a normal response by the VSC system to unusual engine speed behaviour and expected the VSC warnings to disappear after I solved the coil problem.

However the VSC warnings are still being shown in spite of me clearing the P1305 code.

The VSC codes are 34, 36 and 39. Two of these relate to the left rear speed sensor and one to the left front.

Obviously, the likelihood of all three codes just happening at exactly the same time as my coil fault appeared is nil so what is going on here?

I guess I may be missing something. Does anyone know?

Kind regards,


PS Ok a couple of further thoughts;-

1. The VSC codes I quoted I misread from the "ABS" list. They should have been various Yaw Sensor readings etc. but in this case I don't think this is relevant.

2. The OBD scanner I'm using can read engine codes but not the Lexus VSC codes etc. I got these from the multi-function display.

I'm guessing that because my scanner can't read the VSC codes it also can't erase them and so I need to erase them manually using the method shown in the manual.

Does that make sense?

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I had the same problem a few weeks ago and got the solution here.

Thanks Don,

Firstly I'll show the full link as the one you referred to contained some ....., it was

Secondly, whilst waiting for the rain to stop I browsed the Workshop Manual and found on page DI-346 a procedure for Clearing VSC codes. It involved jumping Tc and CG on the DLC3. I found this slightly puzzling as your link said to jump Ts and CG (also, the Tc procedure involved pressing the brake pedal 8 times within 5 seconds.

Anyway, just now the rain nearly stopped so I thought I'd try it all out.

First I jumped Tc and GC and pressed 8 times... Sure enough the VSC codes disappeared.

However, as soon as I got the car moving "ping", red triangle, VSC codes back, albiet only one code now instead of 3 or 4.

Ok, I now followed your advice and jumped Ts and CG and simply switched the ignition on and off.

This time I drove the car and NO problems at all.

Thank you Don, I really appreciate your help with this!

Kind regards,


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