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98 Lexus Es300 Driver Side Window Problem

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Hi, much guidance would be appreciated.

I have a 98 Lexus ES300 and just the other day the driver side window starts to come down automatically. I tried to roll it up

but would not go up. So now the window sits in the door. The motor is working, so i am guessing it is a regulator problem.

I did take off the door panel but now what? Is there a way to take off the steel panel to get to the regulator? Or do I just do some

unbolting? Could it be another issue im not aware of? If it is the regulator why is it so hard to find the front ones? Auto part stores

just sell the rears? Any help would be great. If you have pictures that would be fantastic.

Thank YOu

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Typically the first thing to check is the window fuse. But if you hear the motor working when you press the switch one way or the other, then the fuse is good.

The second thing is the switch itself. It may be fine for the down direction, but the contacts corroded or dirty for the up position. I usually remove the switch, spray some electrical contact cleaner (auto store or Radio Shack) right into all the crevices of the switch, and then cycle the switch several times. Give the cleaning fluid several minutes to evaporate before hooking it back up to the wiring harness, so it won't short circuit, then try it again.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you may have to replace the switch, but first check out the motor.

Remove the two wire connector to the motor, and using a separate 12 volt battery and some long wires, touch the two contacts on the motor. If it fires up, reverse the two wires and touch the motor contacts again.It should now go in the opposite direction.

If it does, then your switch is the culprit. If the motor runs in both directions and the glass still doesn't move then the window motor drive gears may be stripped, or the crank mechanism may be broken.

For a 98 there will be loads of used window motors, switches and crank assemblies in the auto wreckers. Remember that Camry's of the same generation will use the same parts for most things. Good Luck!

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I have similar problem 98ES before.

It is the plactic switch problem, when I took the switch apart carefully.

I saw the the plastic switch housing(the one your finger control)broken pin inside.

Made it down ok, up no way.

Becaue the pin insert to the rocker switch to rotate foward & backward.

Without the pin, one side did not work.

Solution: I insert a small plastic sheet(~1mm thickness) between the back switch, so it works now.

Another problem is front switch stuck now, addition spring help to push it bak to normal position.

Remember to replace the burnout led too, made it perfect.

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