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I purchased the newer version 1B v.2 in December and it works perfectly on my 06 400h. I hated the I agree nag screen and it was the primary reason to purchase it. The old version would not do this past disc version 5.1 but I can personally confirm it works for versions 9.1 and 10.1. It does unlocks the destination input while in motion for those who have not done this mod already; just press the destination button tiwce within a couple of seconds.

The basic runs $99 and one can add A/V input plus phone access in motion for $229 but I would highly recommend the basic lockpick and add the phone switch yourself from this mod link.

The reps are unbelievably inexperienced and unhelpful. I have called twice, once recently prior to purchasing and once about two years ago. Both times the rep did not know there were different generation versions and argued that after updating to 7.1 or newer would remove the I agree screen from MY GEN 4 VEHICLE. During the most recent call, around the middle of December 2010, the rep informed me 10.1 had not been released from Toy/Lex yet and he did not know what the term "nag screen" meant, kind of scoffing at me while I was explaining the term.

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