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  1. Thanks for replies. I drained and inspected; it is stripped and will not tighten to 30 spec. The dealership wouldn't even give me the part number even though they messed it up, "its against policy to give out part numbers". The RX300 pan does appear to be the same but I cannot get it confirmed. I tried an oversized piggy-back plug (only one locally) and it still sligthly, sligthly leaks.
  2. Think Stealership striped my oil pan last change but cannot prove it. Very, very slow drip and did not notice until way too late, emptied and checked it. I need to find the part number and has anyone replaced one? If so did you use a gasket or just RTV or both? I have found aftermarket pans for RX300 that 'look' like it but cannot get an email comfirmation from the manufacturer. Thanks for any help
  3. I purchased the newer version 1B v.2 in December and it works perfectly on my 06 400h. I hated the I agree nag screen and it was the primary reason to purchase it. The old version would not do this past disc version 5.1 but I can personally confirm it works for versions 9.1 and 10.1. It does unlocks the destination input while in motion for those who have not done this mod already; just press the destination button tiwce within a couple of seconds. The basic runs $99 and one can add A/V input plus phone access in motion for $229 but I would highly recommend the basic lockpick and add the phone switch yourself from this mod link. The reps are unbelievably inexperienced and unhelpful. I have called twice, once recently prior to purchasing and once about two years ago. Both times the rep did not know there were different generation versions and argued that after updating to 7.1 or newer would remove the I agree screen from MY GEN 4 VEHICLE. During the most recent call, around the middle of December 2010, the rep informed me 10.1 had not been released from Toy/Lex yet and he did not know what the term "nag screen" meant, kind of scoffing at me while I was explaining the term.
  4. I have a non-ML system. Thanks for both, it will save me a ton of testing. Wasn't sure about leaving the amp on, I was going to remote it from the aftermarket if need be.
  5. I am going to bypass the amplifier to install a new after market radio. Does anyone know the speaker wires leaving from the amplifier? ie Front Driver +/- OR Can any one please *fingers crossed tightly :)* post a wiring diagram of the amp.
  6. What are the steps involved for installation in an 06 RX400H? Open the pull-up floor panel in the back to expose the jack and tire tools. Remove the two clip panel on the right, it is angled toward the rear door. Inside is the nav disc drive; with the vehicle on, there is a slide switch on the drive to open and eject the disc. Insert the new disc and reverse the process. Some suggest to remove power to the drive to clean install the firmware but I have never had problems with it and I get a new one every update. 10.1 does not have the override feature, it was removed on 6.1. I can tell you the new lockpick from costaletech will remove the need to push the I agree on the nag screen like the gen 5 units and it also allows menu access while in motion. Previously it would not work with the nag screen on 6.1 and later but I can personally say it now works with 9.1 and 10.1.
  7. Thanks, ghosts were my first guess too. My adviser emailed today and stated the service manager assured her the system is working properly but refused to answer the direct question as to what the Airbag Off light is suppose to do; stay lit, off, or blink sporadically . So I called the customer service number listed in the owners manual. The rep documented the issue and will have the dealer service manager give me a call->WFD.
  8. My 06 400h had the ac "white dust" fix about four weeks ago and ever since then without any passenger the passenger airbag off light comes on at various times for random intervals. The local Lexus dealership calibrated the seat last week and blamed it on a rear facing scuff guard with a 1/4" piece of elastic that wrapped around the front of the seat, tucked into the front crack (children had shoe marks all over the seat back). I installed the guard the morning I took the vehicle in so I know this was not the fix and think Toyota/Lexus should be in more hot water with the US if a dealership claims a weak elastic band can disrupt the passenger safety system. The light seems to function as usual with passengers: stays lit Airbag On with heavier passenger and Airbag Off with lighter passengers. Twice the buzzer sounded out while driving as if I had a passenger without a seat belt on but I had an empty seat. Any ideas? Is the erratic behavior of the light normally function? Thanks
  9. I went through this exact scenario about a month ago with my 06 400h and a Lexus Dealership. I took it in with white dust and a copy of another forum's post from 2006 detailing the issue. They told me it was the cabin filter and tried to sell me one for $65. Didn't happen and I purchased an after market filter (because I told them I would replace it the very next day otherwise I would have ordered oem online) but lo-and-behold, there was more dust. I sent them an email stating what the cause was, comparison pictures from mine & 2006 photos in the forum, and told my adviser "Lexus had one more opportunity to fix it." I took it back in and my adviser said 'we think "something got sucked in"<-(what ever that means) but are going to replace the evaporator core because you requested it'. It took them two days, which seemed really fast. When I was driving home and stopped to get gas, I noticed a gash in the knee panel, a huge scratch in the aluminum under the shifter, and the horn did not work. Mannn, was I hot. I immediately called and left messages with my adviser but they were not answered. I sent an email detailing the damage, photos and an iphone video of horn not functioning. That got a call from my adviser and she put the service manager on the phone without me having to ask. He asked "how can I help you"; I paused a good mintue and thought WOW, 'you are going to play dumb with me'. I told him "I am pretty sure Adviser's Name sent you my email and you know the problem." He asked for details and I gave them, but I asked for the documentation detailing ANY damage prior to working on the vehicle. I could tell he did not have any such procedure nor any way to refute the truth. Two days later, I had the tech manager at my house repairing the damage. It is better to email with them to have indisputable records of communication and time lines. I understand phone calls have records but unless you record every conversation then it becomes a he-said/she-said game. I also recorded every conversation with them, in person and on the phone. Just turn on the iphone voice memo and put it in my top pocket. You never know when they are going to slip and admit error or simply treat you poorly; either way a recording is powerful. I even caught my adviser in a lie and it is all recorded. PS - there should a little more residual dust appear but I would guess the sloppy tech did not blow or clean the rest of the system, so you may have a lot. Either way that should have fixed it.
  10. I cannot find a "low-profile" mini fuse add-on. Some people say use the regular mini fuse add-on and let the blades stick out a little but there is no way the fuse box cover would go on; plus I do not like having exposed current, even if it is a "little bit". I also found a picture of a low-profile mini fuse soldered to another breaker/wire but that does not seem any better than tapping into the wire itself.
  11. I have never received a speeding ticket either (knock on wood) and I am proud to say I am 20/20. But I do have a heavy right foot and rulz were made to be broken :D . I have used a radar detector my entire driving life, I just see it as a tool. If anything it reminds me/people to pay more attention to their speed and the road. I see plenty of people driving around not paying any attention to driving; talking on a cell phone, putting on make-up, two-handed eating, READING, and God knows what else.
  12. Own both 05 ES330 and 06 RX400h (+05 Tundra, +08 Highlaner). Two for me and two for her :) I tried bending the tap but the cover occasionally falls off and I do not like having the box exposed. I have seen the fuse jump pictured but never for a low-profile mini fuse that the rx uses. I live in a small town and the local police make most of their money through speed traps, so that is no a route for me. They should to post the trap locations in the newspaper for locals to know but no more. Thanks for the pdf.
  13. I only want voltage when on and it would be a shorter distance than running to the moon-roof. The wire has its own fuse for protection. As soon as BeatSonic comes through, I will be putting a video bypass and swi-jack on the cig plug. So I am not sure about adding another device to that list of consumption along with the usage of a cell charger. The bypass box I use does better away from the radio power source, don't know why but it does - guess timing. The aux plug powers two dvd headrest for the kids; both of which have dvds and screens, so I did not want to add there. In my ES I used a fuse tap for the same fuse but there is no cover, it is hidden behind a coin tray; so everything worked out well and I was hoping to do the same.
  14. I am partially deaf and place my radar detector to the bottom left of the windshield. I would like to hard-wire it, the fuse box is the closest attachment point but the fuse box cover will not fit with a fuse tap. Does any one know the color/pinning of an ignition switch wire coming from the fuse box? Specifically the radio1 wire (7.5 fuse, second in the diagram) would be great. Thanks Update - It was raduio2 NOT radio1 Sorry, my bad