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Noise During Playback Cd/fm At Gs160

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Hello! Let me describe my problem.

Please check recorded on the cellphone the moment when the Player playing not right with interference. But then, the same track playing normal as it should. Plus the problem when the sound disappears.

You can see it on video #1

To conlcude we have

1) playing with noise, interference

2) stopping

3) silence

There is no any systematization in these three points.

The song on the video#1 should play as in video #2. There is some sounds on video#1, sounds like on old FM radio couldn't find the right frequency. There is no problem with cd or with the track, checked on another player. Also FM is not working.

Checked the head unit all contacts are sitting perfect.

Checked the contact on amplifier - everything is OK.

Please help, how to fix this problem?

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Also FM is not working

Not working at all or sound disrupted like CD player?

If wiring and (antenna)contacts seem fine, it may be something with the internal electronics (perhaps CD tracking system) or perhaps your headunit/amplifier is on it's way out.

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