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96' Es 300 Overheating Problem

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I have a 96 ES 300 that keeps overheating. I have changed the thermostat, water pump, and have within the last year, put in a new radiator. I have checked for leaks and have found none. There is an oil light that comes on below the temp guage and White smoke puffs from the oil dip stick when I remove it while the car is running. I'm at a loss and don't know what else to check, or change. Can someone please educate me on what else I should check?

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I feel for you. I've got similar probs on my '94. Overheats every 400-500 miles. When I drove it home the day I bought it in July, the seller had the dash lights turned off and I didn't realize it was burning up till I saw steam coming from the overflow. Filled it up w/ antifreeze, replaced the rad cap. Ran fine for the next few weeks, but then overheated again. I started carrying a jug of water around and watching carefully. The inside of the oil cap looked a bit milky, so I threw in a can of copper based stop leak. The oil cleared up. But overheated once again several weeks later. My radiator looked fairly new, so decided to replace the tstat while I was replacing the knock sensors. Then said, sh**, since I've already taken off the top of the engine, I'll just do the head gaskets. I just got through with the front bank, moving onto the rear.

You hit many of the likely suspects -- radiator, water pump, thermostat. Try a new rad cap, cheap and easy. If that doesn't work, may need to go for the head gaskets, especially w/ wisps of white smoke which might suggest water in the oil (look for milky oil residue inside the oil cap).

Good luck and keep us posted.


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