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"torque Sensor Valve"

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hi all

i have a 1991 ls400.having a problem with the idle revving high/low and the car comes to a halt when driving,loses all power and cuts out,have been told by a lexus dealer that its a torque sensor valve which is $2800 to repair/replace.

wondering if anybody has had a similar problem,a dealership fixed what was the problem according to them which cost $1000 and the problem has now been diagnosed as a "faulty torque sensor valve"

apols about the lack of details as the paperwork is in the car @ the dealership



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Hi and welcome to the LOC,

Never heard of a "torque sensor valve" perhaps you could get the Lexus dealer to provide a part number.

Instead clean the throttle body/butterfly and the IACV (idle air control valve)

Also check all the vacuum hoses for leaks.

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..."torque sensor valve which is $2800 to repair"...

Run away, far far away. This sounds like a service writer trolling for expensive repairs. Perhaps he's on an incentive plan that pays out on booked $$ of repairs each month.

Sounds like IACV is sticking. Clean it and throttle plate and you're probably good to go.

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