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Kick Panels, Custom Subwoofer Enclosures Or Space Saving Active Subs,

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This is most annoying. I have been searching the web for over a month and I have not been able to find a single website that makes or sells custom subwoofer boxes for the trunk of an RX 300,330,350,400h

I mean, its a pretty popular car isnt it? I am sure there are hundreds of people like me who want to retain as much cabin space as possible and have a great sounding sub woofer as well?

I could find custon built boxes for LS and GS models but nothing for RX. Not even a picture of a DIY job. I have seen DIY jobs, but none of them space saving or practical where you dont have your speakers hiding under the trunk base (thats just out of order, how will you ever be able to pull good base from speakers under an inch of wood?

Are there any custom made solutions I can take advantage of? has ayone had this done or bought a

Is a kick panel the same thing as a custom space saving subwoofer enclosure?

I dont want to resort to an aftermarket space saving sub, the reviews are terrible and I would ideally like to get something that sounds and looks great in the trunk compromising as little space as possible.


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Ok My bad, I dont know what happened here. The site seems to be very slow and I though it wasnt letting me post anything which resulted in 6 same threads and titles. Admins, would you do the honours please?

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