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Avoiding A Specific Location In The Nav System

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Good morning:

Does anyone know of a way to set the navigation system to avoid a specific area?

Here is why. I drive between the mid-Atlantic area to all over New England and usually have to drive by New York City. No matter what I do, the NAV system in my HS250H always wants me to cross the GW bridge at the top of Manhattan. In all my years, I have never done this without getting stuck in traffic and I always drive around the city. It may have more miles but at least I am moving and I am quite sure that despite the extra distance, it is almost always a quicker route. I have done this a thousand times and could probably do it my sleep but it would be nice to be able to set the navigation system before I leave home rather than pull over somewhere just to set the destination.

Is there anyway to tell it to avoid a specific road, bridge, or area in its calculations?


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