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Crankshaft Pulley Rx300


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Any hints on holding the crankshaft pulley with out that SST tool and does that large nut undo anti clockwise.



Peter, 1st off, the bolt is conventional, removes counter-clockwise. 2nd, I used a piece of fairly heavy strap iron that I had around, about 2 in wide by 1/4 thick by about 10 in long. I drilled 2 holes to line up with the 2 holes that are provided for a puller on the CS pulley. Also hole sawed a hole just large enough for the CS bolt socket. I rotated the pulley CCW with the strap plate bolted to the CS (shimmed with washers so that it didn't simply twist the bolts off from the high rotational torque you must use to loosen it) until it contacted the suspension crossmember. Laid down on the ground with a breaker bar on the CS pulley socket and PULLED! It DOES move, but it is held on by 150 ft lbs of torque and I am almost positive, Lock-tite. Good luck!

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