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Am Radio Clicking From Cruise Control


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I have a 94 ES300 with ~125k miles, purchased "new" as a dealer demo with 1400 miles. Since ~60,000 miles I get a very pronounced "low pri clicking sound," one click/second, which is not speed sensitive [same rate of clicking regardless of vehicle speed] but only when I have the cruise control engaged. Disengage the CC and the clicking noise stops; tune to the high end of AM and the noise is still in the background but much less noticeable. Most noticeable from 540 up to about 750, which is heart of the envelope for KFI 640 here in Southern California.

I've called several Lexus dealers but none have encountered this problem, and I've also checked with local audio shops and none of them have heard of this problem either.

Have any other 94 (or other years) ES300 owners encountered this problem? If so, what causes it, and more importantly, what corrects it?

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The AM band of frequencies is prone to picking up all kinds of electrical interference. You probably wouldn't hear this clicking sound when tuned into the FM band. There is the possibility that your antenna maybe partially grounded and giving you a weak signal into the radio. This is the first area that I would check.

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