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2002 Es300 Suspension


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I have a 2002 ES300 I bought last year and love it but I started noticeing about a month later that when I have it set on sport the suspension started to bottom out.

Eventually I had to keep it on comfort in order to get a normal ride out of it. A couple of mechanics said I'll have to replace my suspension but I really don't want to spend 2K if I don't need to.

As well I'm starting to hear a creeking noise when i press on the brake peddle even when i'm in park.

What could the problems be?

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You don't give us your mileage so we can't really nail down your issues.

The shocks are expensive to replace if you go OEM and wish to retain the variable settings. If money is an issue, I'd run them on the comfort setting until they become a ride and safety issue, and then put on a non electronic set that would be standard issue on a V6 Camry for that same year.

As far as the creaking noise from the brakes, its time to pull the wheels, check, clean and lube the slide pins and pad clips, and if the pads are worn, replace them and maybe the rotors as well. You might check out the brake pedal to see if its pivot points need lubrication. Good Luck!

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