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My 1K Mile Report

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Well just hit 1k on my new 2010 GX460 Premium Package…here is what I think

Engine and Tranny

·As soon as you start the engine up you get that nice throaty V8 sound. Funny my little boy almost 3 years old daddy make your car go ROOM ROOM…

·For a good size, heavy SUV…this thing moves pretty good. Seems to have good acceleration from a stop and even better when overtaking another car.

· I do not tow anything or have any desire too so can’t comment on this.

·6 speed transmission shifts flawlessly. I have been waiting for the tranny to act like it is not sure which gear to drop into or shift up into as the RX330 used to do…and not one time has there been any hesitation whatsoever.

·Gas mileage is OK for the size.


·Suspension- Coming from driving a X5 for over a year and before that a C class and RX330 this is a much different ride than either of the others obviously. I have also driven a 2005 GX470 quite a few times. The 2010 GX 460 rides nothing like a RX you absolutely do not have the car suv, or the minivan feel whatsoever and trust me I love the ride of the RX. This is more of a Truck suv. The new suspension in the GX compared to its predecessor is a huge improvement little bumps were absorbed well depending on the setting of the suspension. The GX seems solid and I am still trying to find the setting I like the most more of the comfort or the middle setting. I don't think I like the Sport setting because then I feel every little bump. But in higher speed situations it handles better not as much body roll.


·IT IS NOT A 4 RUNNER! Just kidding…I keep hearing how it resembles a 4 runner. Well sure it does but it is not a 4 runner. Side by side I do not think that they look as much alike as people think. I am biased!

·I love the front it looks mean.

·Tires/wheels…I like the look of the GX but when looking at it side on it seems as if the body sits up just a little higher then it should. I think this is the only change I would make…put a bigger wheel tire combo or lower the GX down just a little. It doesn’t bother me and I am sure that I will not be changing anything on my GX just a comment.


·Leather seats…are beautiful, leather quality feels good love the air cooled seats. Have not had the need for the heated seats yet!

·Love the nickel finish on doors and dash.

·Nav…wow what a difference from my 04 RX330. The only complaint would be big brother Lexus…please allow me to use features while driving. Picture on screen is amazing, ML is amazing, love the usb input, bluetooth great, NAV traffic, weather great. Still playing with some features.

3rd row seats…this is much better then the previous GX. However if you put the seats up you have no cargo space…well not much anyway. My only complaint would be that the cargo area should have non slip flooring. It is such a big area stuff slides all over the place I guess I could get a rear mat.

My little list of areas that could be improved.

Radio knob…I have hit this numerous times and cut off the stereo with my knee…terrible location. I have moved my seat and still can somehow hit this.

Upholstery for the ceiling…I think that it should be the darker such as the carpet not the color of the seat.

Lock out feature of NAV…I know it will never happen…but I can still WISH!

Voice Commands…well it works…but when I can use other Voice commands on things such as the I phone and it will recognize 99% of what I say…I think that this can be improved. Maybe a software upgrade.

Rear gate…ha ha door! Well this has grown on me…I thought I would hate it. I actually have found that I like the ease of it. I think it would be better if the door dropped such as the X5 I have vs the power lift gate on the RX…but I do not mind the swing gate door that the GX has…

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