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Help Me Disassemble My Foglight Please


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does anybody know how to take apart the gs foglights helppppp

well when you look at one fog light, you have a spacer on the inside. this is actually a plastic cover that is clipped on. depending if the clips are brittle or not, they will break off. well anyways, after that, there are two long bolts that hold the fog light in place. unscrew and the fog light should come off.

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Just FYI...

The bottom foglight (foglamp) spacer clip is slight upward pry. It hooks into the foglight assembly with a downaward pointing tab.

The top part of this spacer is a round knukle type clip that pushes over a round knob (screwhead).

I found it easier to lift the bottom clip off first, then gently work the top knuckle back and forth until it release from the 'knob'. To reinstall, I put the bottom clip in first, then pushed the knuckle type clip over the knob.

In case anyone needs to know.

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All instructions on this thread are very acurate, I follow them and did 2 fog lights in 1/2 hrs and less than $15, thanks!

One small tip: if your cover looks very weak, when you get out the bottom clip, you can use screw drive to untight both screws. :)

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