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99 Front End / Suspension Rattle


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99 RX300 90K

I have a rattle on the right side of my wife’s Lexus. I thought it was the strut bearing plate so I replaced the bearing plates on both sides, at that time both struts seemed in good shape (both came back up on their own after being compressed)

I reassembled and still had the rattle. I checked all the front-end components (ball joints lower control arm bushings, drag link for sway bar, caliper and brake pads) all seam to be in good working order. I still thought that it was the strut so I replaced that as well, I still have the rattle. The rattle almost sounds as if something is loose (kind of a hollow clunking rattle) under the hood or behind the inner fender (I removed the inner fender and all is tight and in order) you can’t feel it thru the steering wheel but it happens at all speeds, under braking or just driving along, small cracks or bumps in the road is all that it takes to make it happen, it’s driving me nuts. If you grab the right wheel from the top and shake very hard you can feel a very small amount of play (very slight almost undetectable) so I’m thinking the bearing on the hub, but I think that that is long shot. Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance


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Well I pulled the the strut today to find the cause of the rattle. Everything looked normal with the exception of a little bit of play between the bearing and the top plate, also their was a little play between the bearing and the plate that goes over the top of the spring. I was able to expand the hole that is on the lower plate so that the bearing fit tighter. and also closed the steel around the top plate that the bearing fits into. After putting it back together the rattle was gone.

Hope this helps anyone else with a simalar problem..


99 no more rattle's

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