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  1. I replaced the Goodyear Integrity's last winter (what a piece of !@#$ tire) They have to be the worst tire in snow and have one of the softest sidewalls that I have ever seen in a tire. Replaced with Yoko. Geolanders what an improvment, makes the Rx feel more surefooted in snow and on wet roads. They have very little road noise, I feel much better with my wife and kids with them over the Goodyears. Marty 99 RX300 2wd 93k 95 Bmw 525IT 130k
  2. I used dental floss to remove the badges on my BMW 525, it worked great to cut the tape on the back of the emblems, no harm to the paint. I cleaned the glue off with Goo Gone cleaner.and a little polish. My wife likes the badges on her Rx so they must stay. Marty
  3. Well I pulled the the strut today to find the cause of the rattle. Everything looked normal with the exception of a little bit of play between the bearing and the top plate, also their was a little play between the bearing and the plate that goes over the top of the spring. I was able to expand the hole that is on the lower plate so that the bearing fit tighter. and also closed the steel around the top plate that the bearing fits into. After putting it back together the rattle was gone. Hope this helps anyone else with a simalar problem.. Marty 99 no more rattle's
  4. 99 RX300 90K I have a rattle on the right side of my wife’s Lexus. I thought it was the strut bearing plate so I replaced the bearing plates on both sides, at that time both struts seemed in good shape (both came back up on their own after being compressed) I reassembled and still had the rattle. I checked all the front-end components (ball joints lower control arm bushings, drag link for sway bar, caliper and brake pads) all seam to be in good working order. I still thought that it was the strut so I replaced that as well, I still have the rattle. The rattle almost sounds as if some
  5. I have a 99 RX300 that I purchased used this past summer, it had new pads and rotors on it but about a month ago it started to squeak mostly when cold. I removed the pads, cleaned the backs and the shims and coated the back side of the pads with Permatex Disc Brake Quiet, (its like a tacky spray paint) once dry reinstalled, and now quiet as can be. Hope this Helps M arty
  6. smilieJust got back this afternoon from Pa. The drive in on New Years day was great, dry and sunny the Geolanders where very quiet and solid on the highway (I was thinking that with the more aggressive tread pattern that they would be noisy). On the back roads they where very predictable and surefooted. The weekend brought allot of rain that the Goodyear's would have for sure drowned in, I was glad that I had the Geolander's. The 3-hour drive back today was rain / freezing rain / sleet and snow for the last hour on the Ohio Turnpike, I was foolish to not have changed to these in the fall.
  7. I have a 1999 RX300 2wd that I purchased used this past summer for my wife. The Goodyear Infinity's were in good shape but the first snow they may as well have been bald. What a piece of @#$%^. I just replaced them with Geolanders this week, they look to be a great tire (stiffer sidewall than the Goodyears and about 1" wider tread) I will be going out of town this weekend about 500 miles. I'll give you an update Monday Marty 99 Rx300 89k 95 525IT
  8. The previous owner took them off, it looks like hell I would rather have the stickers. My local dealer did not have any available, I might try Lexus directly. Marty
  9. It sounds like your battery is on its way out, I had the same problem with our 99 rx recently. Replaced batttery all is fine Marty
  10. I have a 99 with 85k, the front exhaust manifold was cracked from the o2 sensor up along the back about 2.5" and down around the front another 1.5" . I took it off myself (very easy 10 bolts) I had it welded ($25.00)and installed new gaskets ($40.00) . so far so good I have driven it about 2k with no problems. Hope this helps MArty
  11. Thanks JPI and RX300MS for your input. My "tech" (who is very anal from working on mostly German cars) (he would only use a factory Toyota pump not the new made in Japan GMB pump that I supplied him from my friend that owns a parts store) He checked the codes on Monday and came up with a problem with the bank1 O2 sensor, upon inspecton we also found that the exhaust manifold was cracked from the weld around the O2 sensor up the backside about 2-1/2" it also traveled down another 1" downward. I had the manifold welded and replaced the O2 sensor ($252.00 with discount from the dealer) (t
  12. I have this same problem with my 99 rx300 83k I just replaced the timing belt and waterpump. The check engine light and trac light came on later that same day? I'm going to take it this week to have the code read. any new updates? Thanks in advance Marty
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