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I would like to install a concealed radar detector with laser detection in my LS460.

I am thinking about purchasing the Escort QI 45. The QI stands for quick install. Escort says that it should take an hour to install instead of the 7 hours that the previous concealed detectors take.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular device


has anyone previously installed a concealed detector that could lend some advice on where to have it done (my local dealers in St Louis wont install aftermarket products) or where to place it is the car?


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Is it wireless or something? Because if it's got wires, it's got wires... and it's going to take a LONG time to fish them through the firewall. I've got the bel sti-r radar detector (has laser detection too) and also have the blinder M45 laser "jammers", both of which are the concealed type that have the sensors in the front grille, with wires through the firewall and controls in the cabin.

Worth every penny and every minute of installation though. Had to do it myself.

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