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07 Rx350 Transmission Flair

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so the car now has 75,000 miles, still under warranty until 100K . Noticed about 5K ago a flair into first from speed and at slow start up from stop. Knida like a slipping clutch. Took her in and was told that is normal for the 07's and not to worry. 5K more and I am noticing the flair to be more pronounced, especially from stop. Smooth shifts, no clunks, fluids fine.'

I am thinking of taking it in but pretty sure they will tell me its normal . My question is how mormal is this and will it get worse, anyone out there "been there, done that"

Thanks in advance

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Yes....Many of us have experienced this with our 2007s. I noticed that issue the most when I slowed down to

go around a corner. I tiik it in to the dealership last month and the advisor told me that the technician could

not repeat the problem after many attempts. They checked out the trnasmission and said all is good.

Tis issue has been discussed on the Lexus.com forum a few times. It appears to be a quirk with the 07s, but no one

has mentioned it worsening over time.

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