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Transmission Leak


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I took my '97LS w/ 180k to the dealer for scheduled service. I was surprised to learn I had a transmission leak. They told me the seals were leaking (something about a pump). In any case, repairs required 8 hours of labor and would total about $1,000 with parts. Supposedly, the transmission has to be removed to repair.

I have found this dealer to be honest and trustworthy, however, this is the first time I have heard of this problem. The transmission fluid is changed regularly and shifting is smooth, I have noticed no leaks. I do get a very slight "clunk" occasionally when putting the car in gear. As an avid reader of this forum, I was surprised and am looking for input. So, what do you think?

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You may not see any leaks, but that doesn't mean there isn't any. I'd pull the inspection cover off and look for fresh fluid there, the front seal (behind the torque converter) can easily wear and begin to lightly drip fluid at higher engine speeds. You don't see it because the fluid sits in the bellhousing and has to really pool up before having enough to drip out behind the cover. The transmission does have to be removed to replace that seal, seems like a lot of hassle but I suspect they'll do the rear main seal while they're in there and service anything else that's accessible. Good time to check the EGR tube for cracks too.

Also, a small leak won't be noticeable when driving/shifting, that's why you've never noticed it. Holding upwards of 8qts of fluid a few ounces aren't enough to make a difference until it's grown into a sizable pool.

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