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Replace Led On Recirculating Air Switch


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I have a 2004 RX330. The recirculating/outside air switch on the dash just above the radio has an LED on button that lights when the air is recirculating. This LED has burned out. Does anyone have an idea as to how to replace this LED? Thanks for any information.


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Are you sure it's burned out? I find that... very odd and unlikely for an LED.

My guess (from taking the radio apart) is that the climate unit will be pretty difficult to take apart, but do-able. When you get it apart, test the LED with a 3V source to see if it's indeed burned out or if the issue is with the voltage supply.

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Thanks for the reply. No I am not sure it is burned out. It just doesn't light when the switch is pushed a number of times. But the actual air valve changes, so the switch appears to be working. I was thinking that maybe the movable push button just pops off, and the LED then might be accessible. I'm not sure I want to pull the center dash apart just to get to the light. Maybe someone else has an idea how to check what is wrong if the LED doesn't light.

John Dietrich

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