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Ignition Wont Start But Key Does Turn


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I have a 1990 Lexus Ls400. I just got this problem where my door cylinder gets stuck, I left the door unlocked and my dad happened to notice, thinking he was doing me a favor he locked my car...So I called a locksmith got the car open and now my car wont turn on! Ignition key turns all the way, battery is fine, but it will not start! The button for the door locks will not work either so I'm guessing this is anti-theft problem right? I dont know so I need help, if anyone has any idea about this can you help? Thank You. :(

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I have the same year car and I use the key remote to unlock. it sounds as if something happened to the alarm/anti-theft system. I had my car 4 years before I even knew it had an alarm but they do. I think it might disable the starting circuit. Someone else had to have experienced the same thing so hold hope.

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