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Power Loss


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Ok...this morning, I noticed that my whole front end was dropped all the way to the ground....tried to start it up and got a click...all the lights in the interior came on and all the dash board lights lit up...took the battery out and took it to autozone since I have a warranty...they did a test and said that I was one cell low and informed me that something was pulling power from my battery...got the battery fully charged, put it back in the engine and that same thing happened. Got a jump from my lady and the car started....drove it to autozone and they checked the stater, alt, and battery...the battery was only putting out 78% and they informed me that the alt was only pumping out < 30amps and starter needed to be replaced. Well, got the alt and starter replaced May '09, so I'm curious to how it can go bad in a year along with the starter. In addition to that, I'm wondering if the loss of power is causing the air suspension to malfunction...? Please help before I start to order parts and do repairs!!!!!

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