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  1. When I switched over to synthetic, I just changed over my gaskets. They were in fairly good condition, but I wanted everything nice, tight, new and clean. I don't know if they would've started leaking after the oil switch, but I seriously doubt that changing from dino to synthetic will cause your engine to leak oil. I also think it has something to do with how the P.O. maintained the car...IMO....
  2. I got mine from Advanced Auto Parts (OEM)...very easy to me no time to install...Good Luck
  3. Need 2 Replace Air Shocks...Can U Say $$$$$$$$$$

  4. Thanks for your input SDK...I appreciate it...but when I mention 9, I'm not talking about golf, I'm talking about a 9mm gun...No, I don't advocate violence but it's just a term/statement of basically saying let's use intellegence instead of resorting to violence...
  5. I was a victim of the infamous failing power steering pump...pump leakes fluid on the altenator, altenator start to short them both eventually far as my starter, it just died being that my Lexus is a '91....
  6. Well...I'm not part of a cult or part of the Moonies ...but I just hope that it doesn't mess up my car... :) What my signature means is basically saying use intellegence instead of ignorance whenever you face hardships, situations, or circumstance... B)
  7. I am replacing the powering steering pump, hoses, altenator, and starter. I ordered the AMSOIL SYNTHECTIC TRANS FLUID and will use it in place of the Toyota fluid. Has anyone used the AMSOIL? Can I get the pros & cons? Let me know.
  8. I need the temperature display panel since my is blacked out...let me know if this is feasible...thanks in advance.
  9. I had a similar problem with this and I had the trans fluid changed, cleaned the throttle body, and used seafoam and it became a would be a good idea to check your trans mounts as well...
  10. Ok...this morning, I noticed that my whole front end was dropped all the way to the ground....tried to start it up and got a click...all the lights in the interior came on and all the dash board lights lit up...took the battery out and took it to autozone since I have a warranty...they did a test and said that I was one cell low and informed me that something was pulling power from my the battery fully charged, put it back in the engine and that same thing happened. Got a jump from my lady and the car started....drove it to autozone and they checked the stater, alt, and battery...the battery was only putting out 78% and they informed me that the alt was only pumping out < 30amps and starter needed to be replaced. Well, got the alt and starter replaced May '09, so I'm curious to how it can go bad in a year along with the starter. In addition to that, I'm wondering if the loss of power is causing the air suspension to malfunction...? Please help before I start to order parts and do repairs!!!!!
  11. altenator, starter, and air suspension repairs

  12. I had my tranny drained and filled last April @ was rough in gears 1 & 2 but after I did the drain and fill, it shifted smoothly...on my next drain and fill, I'm switching to synthetic from AMSOIL...don't ever use jiffy lube; they put in the wrong filter and fluid type...fortunately, I caught it in time and got it completely service....with proper maintenance on your LEXUS, it will run forever and a day if you take care of it...
  13. Did a little research and if I'm correct, that bolt comes complete with the belt tensioner accessory...I'm going to order that part from Rock Auto and have the part put on. If anyone got some suggestions for a different route, let me know...thanks for all your replies....
  14. I just want to say thanks for all the replies...but let me say again, the belt is still in the tension pulley, the tension belt ring broke off and the screw broke off into the tension belt pulley...if I drive the car will the belt and/or tension belt pulley come off??? Thanks for your replies and enjoy your holiday weekend....
  15. There won't be a problem with the water pump as this is driven off the cam belt not the serpentine belt,brakes will not be affected as these are powered from the brake booster not connected to the serpentine belt,you will have no power steering,no battery charging or air conditioning with the belt off. The serpentine belt is still on...I never got a chance to get it off...I guess my concern is the tension pulley coming off when the engine is running since the ring broke off and/or the belt coming off...My mechanic is less than a five minute drive but i don't want to pay extra money for a tow fee since he is so close...any suggestions....?
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