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Rx300 2003 Error Code P0135


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I'm new to the forum and I think it is great...

I have a RX300, year 2003 which have been running great. Last week the check engine light came on

with the VSC light...

I took the car to my mechanic and he gave me this error code

P0135 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (that's the code from the car)

> 1 fault B1-S1

My problem is I don't know where this sensor is and whether or not it is something I can do myself.

I sent this information the the Lexus dealer and they sent me this sensor

Air fuel ratio sensor --- 89467-48011 --- $170.42

This doesn't seem like the same sensor, but I don't know. Can someone share some light on this please.



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Larry- The sensor they sent you IS correct for B1S1 but the code SHOULD BE P1135 instead of P0135 It is actually an A/F ratio sensor. When you say it doesn't LOOK like the same sensor, what do you mean by that? It should look identical to the one that's on the car if it is the original. The P1135 points directly to the rear A/F ratio sensor heater malfunction. The P0135code would be a generic code for the same thing, but an oxygen sensor which is NOT what you have. It is found on the rear of the engine (next to the firewall) in the exhaust pipe and must be accessed by use of a lift or a jack from underneath. Do a search, there is plenty on it, with pictures, and is the most common one to go out but also the most difficult one to change. It won't hurt to drive it that way until you have a chance to change it or have someone change it. It is the same sensor as the one that you see when you open the hood and look straight down, just a lot harder to get to. If you need more help, come back and one of us here will help you.

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