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Best Spark Plugs To Use On My 93 Es300?

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im going to get my spark plugs and wires changed in my 93 es300.dont know when the last owner had them changed im going to have my mechanic change question is since this is my first time changing them on my lexus what are the best kind to use? brands?type? if anyone has any suggestions or opinions on the type they used for there es300 id love to hear im kind of in the dark with these engines.ive never dealt with them before thanx for any help

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First thing you are going to need is a new gasket for your intake plenum. That would be that aluminum thing that rises up from the top middle of your engine and leans over the back spark plugs. To get the plenum off requires the removal of about 10 bolts,nuts,screws. Luckily you can disconnect it from the throttle body without having to remove said body. Tape and mark any wires/hoses you disconnect. The gasket you will probably have to order online because most parts stores will only sell you the whole set of gaskets for the intake assembly not just the plenum gasket. Spark plugs should be either platinum or iridium-tipped.


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