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Ls430 Road Noise


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I am a 1993 LS400 owner that switched over to the 2002 LS430 without a thourough test drive in many conditions. IMO the 93 has the far cushier ride, a ride that the 430 is not providing. Are there different suspention packakes in the 430 series that can help quiet the ride ? Just seems that the total dampening of the 430 is not there compared to the 400 series, I hear lots of pavement joint pings, a stiifer ride and just higher DB levels all around compared to the 93 400. Anything other that softer tires I can do?


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What kind of tires on the car? Do you have the 16" wheels or 17" wheels?

The tires are VERY VERY important to how a Lexus rides. If the wrong tires are on the vehicle or they are overinflated there is a huge impact on the ride.

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I am 99.9% certain if you replace those tires with better tires the issue will go away. I would put the Michelin Primacy MXV4 on the car. I have them on my ES and my Dad has them on his LS430. Air them to the PSI on the doorframe and you'll be happy.

I would imagine the suspension and sound isolation are the same on the 04-06 as they are on the 01-03.

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I have a 2004 and the sound from the road through the tires is definitely there - I noticed it when I first bought the car. I have the Michelin Primacy's as well - they helped quite a bit, but the noise is still there. Overinflated tires definitely made it a lot worse.

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