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Transmission Flush / Backup Mirror Q

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Hi guys! I just had the opportunity to pick up a 2004 rx330 with 62,000 kms in great condition and loving it!

I was a mercedes guy but sold my benz and picked up a lexus. I also have a Datsun 280z as a fun summer/track car but the rx will become my new daily. So far a great car and comfortable ride! Only nuisance i have is the somewhat weak chassis compared to the germans... all my 4 doors flex under normal driving conditions and the rubber creaks from it moving around is kind of a nuisance. I guess i can condition the rubber so it's not as "sticky". Anyhow a quick Q:

I'm looking to do a tranny flush. I understand there's no filter for the RX330, so does that mean i just open the drain plug and let it drain clean, fill it up, drive around, and drain clean again and fill up? On my benz, i had to drain the tranny, then drain the torque converter to get all 8 liters of fluid out, fill up the fluid and cycle through the gears. How many liters of Tranny fluid does the rx330 (non sport model) take?

I dont plan on using toyota brand T-IV on the car, instead i've always used royal purple or redline in my cars. Will either of these 2 work or is it picky on Toyota fluid only?

I'm so glad i found a lexus forum with more DIY info! I've always worked on my own cars unless something major needs to be done that i do not have the tools for, nothing makes driving sweeter than knowing you maintain the car yourself as well as know it from the inside out. Clublexus is mostly just basic change cosmetic stuff info and not much knowledge in terms of mechanics. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: i found out about the back up mirror issue.

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