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  1. hi guys, after a month of loosing the front power door lock on my 2004 RX330, i decided to take it apart and deal with it. With the wonderful help of this thread, i proceeded and hoped for the same internals as the gs. Unfortunately, it isnt. But luckily it was a similiar motor and basic principles. I did screw up majorly however, after taking apart the actuator, it is completely different than the ones on the gs and 1st gen RX. On the 2nd gen rx, the actuator and latch is all within an enclosed unit. I had to take it apart and pull the motor out from inside. However when i put it back togethe
  2. Hi guys, I was attempting a fix on my door lock problem and had to open up the actuator and cleaned the brushes on the RC motor inside. I put everthing back in and got it working. Now the door handles dont work... I tested it before i closed it and was working and even opened. After a few times something must of come loose and now i cant open the door and neither the outside or inside latch works... Is there a way to open it without breaking the inside door panel? thanks.
  3. when you are cleaning the maf, PLEASE dont wipe it with anything. You run a high risk of damaging it with wiping the surface with cotton or anything. Just use maf cleaner in a spray can from your local auto store and spray the sensor for a few seconds and let dry, thats it. dont touch it as u'll damage it.
  4. Hi guys! I just had the opportunity to pick up a 2004 rx330 with 62,000 kms in great condition and loving it! I was a mercedes guy but sold my benz and picked up a lexus. I also have a Datsun 280z as a fun summer/track car but the rx will become my new daily. So far a great car and comfortable ride! Only nuisance i have is the somewhat weak chassis compared to the germans... all my 4 doors flex under normal driving conditions and the rubber creaks from it moving around is kind of a nuisance. I guess i can condition the rubber so it's not as "sticky". Anyhow a quick Q: I'm looking to do a tr
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