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Replacing The Egr Vacuum Modulator Filter

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Hey guys....I have read a couple of postings on wanting to find replacement filter for the EGR Vacuum Modulator but as we know the dealer won't sell just the filter. So as someone suggested, I went to the local autoparts store bought a universal filter material and cut it out to replace the filter in the EGR V. Modulator. Here's what I did:


1 - Remove modulator cover


2 - Remove filter


3 - Inspect filter


If not too dirty you may want to use some compressed air to clean it or like me, you can just replace it.

4 - Buy aftermarket filter similar to original filter in texture and thickness


this is what I used (form autozone)


5 - Cut aftermarket filter to shape


6 - Replace old filter with new and you are DONE!



Fairly simple to do and not expensive at all!

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