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Noises After A Rear Eng Main Seal Repair


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I took my 97 ES 300 to a transmission shop (All Transmission World) today to have the rear engine main seal replacement. Took the car in at 8:00am and picked it by by 4:30pm.

While driving home, I noticed a pulsating noise that could be coming from the exhaust pipe, and the engine made like a humming noise when I accelerate. Before the repair, these symtoms did not exist.

Could it be that the technician did not put back everything back the way it was? Do they need to remove the exhaust pipe to do the job?

I'm taking it back tomorrow morning for them the check it out. But just wanted to get some input as what I should be asking them to check.

Was it a mistake for me to take my car to a TRANS shop to do this type of repair?



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my guess is it sounds like they forgot to hook up a vacuum hose somewhere, or a vacuum hose has popped off. There are mutiple hose and any one could create the scenario you state.

Open the hood, stand in front of the car while it is running and see if you can't pinpoint the humming noise and it might lead you to the unattached hose. If you find it, the connection should be in that area.


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Thanks for suggestions steviej. I will have the trans tech check that out this morning.

You are probably right because when I accelerate, the performance seems to be sluggish and the humming noise increases as the trans kicks into gear.

Will let you know.


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One of the vacumm hoses was popped off. That resolved the pulsating noise. However, now I'm experiencing the transmission hesitating when it kicks into gear, and a loud humming noise until it finally goes over 30mph.

Could this be caused by how the tech reassemble the transmission back when he installed the rear seal?

It feels like the fly wheel is not engaging quick enough for the it to go into gear.

Any input will be appreciated. This will help me to go back to the trans shop to explain to them.


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