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96 Es300 Fuel Gauge/low Fuel Warning


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Hi all,

I have a 1996 ES300 that has been acting strange since I got it. As soon as I hit 280 miles on a single tank of gas, the low fuel light comes on and the car seems to have trouble supplying gas to the engine. My manual tells me I have an 18.5 gallon (70 liter) tank and I know from filling up right at about 280 miles that I still have on average 4-5 gallons of gas left in the tank (My average gas mileage is about 18-20 MPG). So my question is, is the low fuel light turning on early or is it about right? What does it mean if the car has a noticeable issue getting gas (not just on hills) when it gets lower than about 5 gallons in the tank? I'm curious if it is maybe an issue with the fuel pump or hoses connecting the tank to the fuel injection system?

Thanks for any advice that can be offered.

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