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235/55R18 99V Tire Replacement


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My 2005 RX330 is nearing new tire time. The vehicle came from Lexus with Michelin MXV4S8 99V tires. I have had no problems with the tires and would consider another set, but recently saw an ad for Toyo Versado CUV tires in the same size with a 100V rating and have read positive reviews of the Toyo tire. If any of you have the Toyo CUV tire and are willing to share your experiences, I'd appreciate your input. I am particularly interested in your opinion of wet weather and snow traction and ride quietness. A friend, who is an independent mechanic, is a huge fan of Toyo tires. A concern of mine is if you have tire problems while traveling, there are less Toyo dealers around the country than Michelin.

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I have toyo versato lx on my 05rx for the last 20k miles. I cant tell the difference from the oem michelins. They are good in snow and rain, and just as quiet. Tread life seems to be much better. I got a better price on them than any other premium tire. Would not hesitate to reccomend them or buy them again.

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