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Is My Windshield In Wrong?


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I had my Windshield Replaced. I believe that the old windshield was the original. Looking at the "New" windshield, the fit and finish of the job looks wrong. Not the Windshield itself, but how the molding etc., fits around it.

On the top of the windshield just above the chrome strip, were the black molding is, it has cuts and gapes in it. Shop stated "it is due to dry-rot". On the weather stripping that goes between the front doors and the Black molding on the side of the windows the weather striping is loose, and not attached to the black molding. Looking between the black molding on the sides of the glass and the glass, there is a big gap, and I can see the shiny inside of the black metal molding. I think that is either on wrong, or there is supposed to be some rubber in there??? My insurance paid for the work. Can you take pictures of your windshield showing the details so I can see if mine looks the same? The more the better. Feel free to PM me. Thank you.





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I removed those mouldings when I painted my car and and painted them to match (black), but also sprayed the inside edges as you show where it's silver. The pieces themselves are stainless steel with a dipped type finish on them, A good sanding, primer, and base/clear coat will make them look new again and you can do the inner side too, it really does look better painted and you don't have the glare anymore.

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