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Delay Timer


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For me, it's the windows and radio. 30 seconds and the retained accessory power is shut off (without actually checking, I can't even tell you if the radio HAS retained power). Compare this to any recent GM model which has retained accessory power of 10 mins, I believe.

Here's an example, just went through the McDonald's drive through, parked with windows open. Happily clogging my arteries, when it starts to rain. I have to turn the ignition back on (not start the car, just turn on the ignition) to do up the windows, or maybe the ignition is already on because I have to leave it there (or leave the car running or in READY mode in my hybrid) to listen to the radio while I eat.

Most other vehicle have a longer time for retained power.

So, I think the original poster is asking whether the 30 secs can be extended.

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