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97 Es300 Cabin Filter Access Panel

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According to the last post in this thread


the panel is a piece of white plastic to the right of the gas pedal.

I pull aside the carpet and there it is...now how do I open it?

I can't figure out these clips.

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the two "round" type clips near the gas pedal pull straight out about 1/2 an inch then you need to slide the entire thing backwards to "unlock" the front clips.

the bar inside behind there, pushthe top pins together then pull straight UP then out towards the gas pedal. the 3rd gen have 2 filters inside. search my posts just wrote up what/how btw like 2-3 weeks ago. smile.gif

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I would search since this is WAY old here...like over 8 years old..

Pull carpet back, pull white plastic toward rear wheels and remove......Takes about 3 minutes to do a complete change over..

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